Instruction and Courses

teach Instruction and CoursesNew technologies and approaches can save you and your development team a significant amount of time and money.

The learning curve can delay your projects, though, and tempt you to just stick with what your team already knows.

There’s a larger cost to this than might at first be visible: opportunity cost, lost time to market, and eventually lost customers when the rest of the industry starts accelerating away from you. The best developers in the industry want to be working with modern tools and techniques, so if you want your team to be the best they can, it pays to keep up.

That’s where our training and instruction services comes in: We can save you months of effort and a lot of money and lost opportunity. Let our team jump-start your team.

Once you adopt a new technology, you need your people up to speed on it, and soon. We can help you do that, with specialized courses for developers that get them up to speed on Scala and advanced Scala techniques like functional programming, concurrency, and libraries such as Akka.

We can deliver our courses to a group or to an individual, either in person or over the ‘net, as you prefer.

Remote Pairing

One of the best ways to learn is to do, and we can remote-pair with your team members one-on-one or with a group to make sure their learning is practical and immediately usable.

We can also get your team started with practical techniques to support fully distributed development, letting your team add the best people no matter where they are, and avoiding the constraints of local-only hiring. It takes a differ

Custom Courses

Need to get a team up to speed quickly on a specific tool, technique or technology? We can build a custom course offering to get you going immediately and cost-effectively on a large number of tools and approaches, including:

Scala Akka, including Remoting Play Framework Spray MongoDB SBT, including multiproject builds, cross-project dependencies, and more Nexus and Ivy2
Reactive Programming Functional Programming Emacs for Scala IntelliJ IDEA Eclipse Monit Agile Practices, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean
Test-Driven Development OSGI Containerless Deployments RESTful Web Services


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