Software Craftsmanship

roman clock new Software CraftsmanshipIntroduction to Software Craftsmanship

  • Production-Ready What does production-ready really mean for a software system?
  • Darth Vader Syndrome I recently found a great article by Peter Welch (I think) entitled “Programming Sucks”. You might be able to find it here.
    I agree with most of what it has to say, unfortunately. It’s unfortunate because basically it says our industry is pretty screwed up, and not really get much better.
    There are two things we …
  • SCNA 2013 Keynote Back near the end of last year (November, to be exact), the 2013 Software Craftsmanship North America conference took place, in Chicago.
    I was lucky enough to attend this one, and I hope to make it a regular practice finally.
    After the conference, a number of the talks were available in video format online for everyone who …
  • The Distributed Team You don’t need to restrict your team to only the developers within a commute distance of your location: Build a distributed team!
  • Vi for Scala The holidays have given me a (small) chance to catch up on some of my experimenting, and I’ve come across a combination that might be useful to other Scala-ites out there (and people who edit code in general).
    Over time, I’ve found I tend to move away from “all-in-one” and “heavy” solutions (even though those solutions …
  • Concurrent Shell Commands Even shell commands can be executed concurrently on multi-core machines


There are a few books that are must-reads for the aspiring software craftsman, as well as many others that have lots of good material.

Here are the indispensable ones, in my opinion: