Principles and Practices of Software Craftsmanship

Are you a Software Craftsman?

GS Book 249x300 Principles and Practices of Software Craftsmanship

Principles and Practices of Software Craftsmanship

Are you tired of…

  • Making unnecessary compromises between speed of delivery and quality?
  • Being driven down to the lowest common denominator?
  • Being forced to use the wrong tools for the job time and again?
  • Seeing projects fail for entirely avoidable reasons?
  • Having to justify doing things the right way?
  • Defending¬†the value of taking time to reduce technical debt?
  • Seeing your team deliver code you’re embarrassed by, and feeling like you are the only one that cares?


Is it just that software is really that hard? Are we doing something wrong — using the wrong tools, the wrong process? Or is it something more?

Do you wonder why most software projects fail? Conservatively, it’s estimated that 50% of software projects fail, substantially or completely, 17% fail so badly they threaten the existence of their company.

This failure rate would be considered a massive crisis in most industries, and yet somehow it gets tolerated as business as usual in the software industry. If this was the construction industry we’d all be terrified to ever go indoors!

Does it have to be this way? I don’t believe it does.

Many organizations think they can hire nine women to have a baby in one month, or that making it “easier” to program via “standardization” will result in better systems and lower costs, or that just adopting the right “methodology” will make everything better. If you know they’re wrong, you probably fit the definition of software craftsmen. Much has been written about craftsmanship and what it means, but what do craftsmen do, and what do they believe that sets them apart from other developers?

I’ve had the good fortune to work in the software business for a long time, and in that time I’ve worked with many people who I consider to be craftsmen (and craftswomen) of the highest caliber. I’ve gathered the observations of what these individuals consider their underlying principles and practices into my new e-book Principles and Practices of Software Craftsmanship.

Do you want to…

  • Find out about no-compromise software development, where fast and good aren’t at odds anymore?
  • Learn how to make the value of quality software clear in direct business terms?
  • Discover how to deliver estimates and advice that your clients will trust and value?
  • See how to keep your cool, maintain your independence, and take responsibility for your projects?
  • Take charge of your career and bring the passion and drive back into development for your whole team!
  • Get the perspective of thirty years in the industry now?

“Improve a mechanical device and you may double productivity, but improve man and you gain a thousandfold.”¬†– Khan Noonien Singh

GS Book 249x300 Principles and Practices of Software Craftsmanship

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