Lift in ServiceMix 4

Apache’s ServiceMix 4 is a unique combination of OSGi container and JBI-compliant ESB, but in addition to this it’s also a capable web application container. More specifically, it can contain a webapp container, but the effect is the same…

My current favorite tool for cranking out MVC-style webapps is the Lift framework, so I thought I’d document here the process for deploying a Lift webapp into ServiceMix 4.

The good news is that it’s very straightforward.

First, build the .war for your Lift app using mvn package. This will result in a .war file in the target directory of your project, and is well-covered by the Lift documentation if you need more details. In my case, I started with a slightly modified version of the PocketChange example app for Lift.

Now start servicemix with


Done from the root directory of your ServiceMix install. You should see the ServiceMix banner after a few moments, followed by a prompt.

In the console, type the “osgi” command to enter OSGi mode.

install war:file:///tmp/admin-0.1.war?Webapp-Context=admin

You’ll see some startup messages as your webapp is digested by ServiceMix, turned automagically into a bundle, and processed by various intestinal organs such as the HTTP service.

Now surf to




And up comes your application!!

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Published: September 05 2009