Git More! Take your Git Skills to the Next Level

Git is a powerful system, but too many developers use it like a souped-up version of SVN. It’s so much more, that it’s not really quite fair to compare the two in some ways.

If you want to know the details, there are plenty of excellent discussions about why it is a horse of an entirely different color, such as this one for details, this one specifically comparing it to Subversion, or this intensive diagram comparing git to – well – everything else!

But let’s assume you’re sold already – you know Git is good, but you aren’t sure how to ramp up your git skills.

This one isn’t hard – I’d recommend starting with the excellent Git Immersion. Work your way all the way through it – it doesn’t take long, and you are well on your way to having git under your belt by the end, ready to do all the basics.

Then I’d move on to the fully interactive challenges here, where you’ll review the basics from a different perspective, and up your game a notch as well.

Now you’re definitely at a nice Git 101 level, but you’re just beginning to taste the true power of Git…

Take it a bit further now with Git Branching, and learn why frictionless branching is where git really starts to shine. Sure, you can branch in SVN, but not like this!

Ramping Up

When you’re read to learn the rest of Git, move on with Git Ready.

By now you’ll be looking for reference material for some of the less commonly used options and commands, and here is an excellent one.

1320132774 150x150 Git More! Take your Git Skills to the Next LevelDeep Dives

Learn about the internals of Git with this Excellent Blog Post.

Go further with Branching in this Advanced Git Video or this Even Deeper Advanced Git Video.

Understand Git more deeply with Understanding Git Conceptually.

See how to do the truly good stuff with this Git Tips from the Pros article.

Browse more git features with this Series of videos.


Once you’re at this point with Git, you might want to actually work your way through some of the Git books. Two I can suggest right away are listed below:

Pro Git Git More! Take your Git Skills to the Next Level

Git Magic Git More! Take your Git Skills to the Next Level

And another great advanced Git book you might want to finish up with is Mastering Advanced Git.

In the finest recursive style, here’s a link to yet another collection of excellent links about git.

Git on with it!

Principles and Practices

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Published: May 18 2013