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  • Scala Vectors The Scala collections library is a rich toolkit, and it takes some time to get used to all it offers. One of those choices are Scala Vectors – let’s examine why it might be good one.
    When I first started working with Scala, back in 2.7 days I believe, Vector wasn’t there, but it was introduced …
  • A Month with Emacs I code for a living – well, sometimes I help other people code, but I spend a pretty fair amount of time touching code myself. That’s the way I like it, and I hope to do it for a long time to come.
    Given that I’ve been doing it for a long while already, finding ways …
  • Emacs Collaborative Editing Pair programming is generally thought of as something done in close physical proximity, usually with two developers sitting right alongside each other at a single computer, with one mouse and keyboard.
    In most cases, when it’s done right pairing actually allows for higher productivity and lower defect rate than a single programmer working alone, although in a …
  • Emacs Power for Scala Development: Testing Emacs brings a lot of power to Scala editing and development: In this post, we’ll look at some shortcuts for locating and running Scala tests from within Emacs
  • Emacs Power for Scala Development: Editing In our series of articles about Emacs Power for Scala development, our next area to explore is the actual editing – where Emacs really shines.
    You might want to start with the classic Guided Tour of Emacs
    In this video we’ll explore editing Scala code, as well as all the refactoring and completion support that Ensime …
  • Emacs Power for Scala Development: Navigating Emacs brings a lot of power to Scala development, and the ability to quickly navigate amongst your files and directories is an area it really shines.

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