ernes Busta   mail e1366398886617 DispatchesIn olden days (when mainframes ruled the earth), adventurous individuals were sent off to strange and foreign lands to study their ways and customs, to have harrowing experiences, and learn what wisdom might be learned on their way. It was the custom for these adventurers to send “dispatches” back to the folks at home.

These dispatches summarized what they saw and experienced, and how the journeyer was affected by those experiences, what he had learned.

In times of war, the soldiers sent to fight also sent their dispatches from the trenches of battle, as often an experience can best be understood by those in the thick of it, and their insights into what is happening are valued above those of individuals distant from the conflict.

In the journey that is software craftsmanship there are many who record their experiences, and they have added much to the collective knowledge of the craft. These dispatches are my effort to contribute to that work, and in them I’ll describe both my observations and the experiences of those I have the opportunity to work with, and how our understanding of the business of software development has advanced.

It is my wish that these observations can be of value to those who are on a similar journey of craftsmanship, or those who would like to begin such a journey.

If you think that there is no conflict between quality and timeliness, or between pragmatism and craftsmanship, please sign up for my dispatches, and join me in a conversation about the approach to software development where there are no such conflicts.