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At JGlobal, we’ve spent a long time in the trenches of software development, helping companies get the most out of their development investments. We offer expert management consulting to your company to help you take full advantage of the enormous changes in the software development industry – for instance, cloud deployment, multi-core development, reactive development and more.

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Put our decades of experience and expertise to work for your team.

If you have questions and concerns about how to select the best and most effective development technologies and processes, we can provide perspective on what’s out there, and what fits your organizations needs.

Making a bad step in choosing technique or technology can cost your company a lot – why take the risk when you can ask the experts?

We provide on-site and over-the-phone consulting services for projects large and small, drop us a line for details!

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Onboarding Scala

If you’re adopting Scala or thinking about it, we can help. We know the entire Scala stack, and have applied it commercially for years — let us put that to work for your team. We know where the power is and where the potholes are, let us help you maximize the huge advantage that Scala development can be to your organization avoid the pitfalls.

Got Java?

Is your development team using Java? Would you like to double that team’s effectiveness, or better?

Our principle, Michael Nash, has been helping Java teams transition to full effectiveness in Scala for the last five years, and before that he used Java since it was first introduced. He understands both ecosystems fully, and can leverage their synergy while bringing your team up to hyperproductivity with the most productive language ever: Scala.

Do you know your development team is falling behind, not doing as well as they could? Would you like to update your tools and technique, but don’t want to risk losing time or leaving your team behind?

We can help: JGlobal can help modernize your tools and get your team up to speed on them at the same time, ensuring you only speed up, never trading progress on projects for learning time.